(360) 696-0811
(360) 696-0811
  • Our Goal

    Our goal at Thompson Metal Fab is simple: to provide each and every customer with the very best our industry has to offer. No matter how big or small, we’re confident that the final result — both our product and your experience — will be on time and of the highest quality.

    We’d love to show you what that means for your project.
  • Bridges

    Whether it be new construction or a retro-fit, we’ve learned to adapt our fabrication services to meet the needs of these lofty projects, and our reputation to adhere to tight manufacturing tolerances is second to none. Our ability to custom fabricate and accommodate large projects makes us a first call for custom plate girders.
  • Marine / Hydro

    From hydro-electric dam projects to barges and floating platforms, we’ve run the gamut on marine/hydro fabrication. Experienced in everything from lift gates to stoplogs, penstocks to fish collectors, all while working with the US Army Corps of Engineers and private companies alike, we know the importance of fast timelines, creative solutions, and efficient delivery.
  • Modular / Structural

    Thompson Metal Fab has more than 30 years of experience fabricating modular equipment. Our innovative staff, state-of-the-art facility, and our relationships with mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and heavy-hauling subcontractors all make us a cost-effective, efficient solution for turn-key projects.
  • Tanks / Vessels

    We’ve engineered and built tanks and vessels in all sizes and shapes, serving industries anywhere from nuclear to oil to silicon. Our ability to mechanically design and then fabricate ASME code pressure vehicles while working with the most modern alloys and clad metals makes us the go-to thinkers for companies who need solutions they can depend on.


Built on strength, passion and a steady pulse, we’re creating tomorrow’s infrastructure today.

We are the men and women of steel and you know our work — from the breadth of the Bay Bridge to the length of the OHSU sky tram, the heights of the mighty Columbia River dams to the depth of the Arctic Drilling Rigs in Alaska, we’re here building your future with our hands. Informed by our history, guided by our expertise, and inspired by our vision, we represent a sturdier, uncompromising standard.

We are Thompson Metal Fab, and we are forging the future.


As a veteran-owned business, we believe in this country, in our future, and in our strength united. From the early days when our predecessors were constructing Liberty Ships right here on the river to today’s North Slope oil rig work, we are working together to make our tomorrows bolder, brighter and safer.

This is our passion and nobody does it like we do.